We will be postponing the awards until further notice.

The SICA industry Awards of Excellence are designed to honour the outstanding contributions of the construction industry in our communities.

These awards speak to the excellence that construction provides to our communities and beyond. We hope that the leadership & determination to excel, evidenced by the recipients of these awards, serve as inspiration for all in the construction industry.

Recognizing and celebrating outstanding efforts can inspire excellence and drive progress in the field. We want to ensure that each deserving construction company of the Southern Interior of BC gets a chance to shine and be acknowledged for their remarkable efforts. We have carefully reviewed existing award categories and collaborated with industry experts to craft these new awards, ensuring they align with our core values and the challenges and opportunities facing our industry today.

It’s our mission to make our industry better.

Leadership Awards

Open to SICA Members Only

Building Awards

Open to Construction Companies in Southern Interior of BC

Important Dates


Oct 2 to Dec 15, 2023

Project Dates

July 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023


March 1, 2024

Awards Ceremony

April 24, 2024

Industry Awards of Excellence Gala Evening

When: April 24th, 2024

Where: Coast Capri Hotel in Kelowna

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